going to blog at witchu.blogg.se now for a while, hope you are going to join me overthere! kisseeessssssss


I heard she was born naked. what a slut.

my computer doesn't wanna work.. tomorrow I'm gonna go see if it's fixed though and then I promise you a gazillion pretty images etc!




das docs från berlin secondhand, ett stökigt rum, nya kläder och en ful josefin är det enda jag har att bjuda på just nu. puss



what i want, need, must get.

at the moment I want  -

this hanging on my wall
these on my feet
this song on repeat
this to happen to me



since i'm probably in school right now having the time of my life i'll give you some eye-candy.
of another blogger, anyone know who? guess right and i'll feature you and stuff. fun fun!

gonna try make one everyday, we'll see how that goes..



Candles - Daughter

some details from a corner in my room, and believe it or not but these pics were taken 10 min ago!
so no changes, the candles are lit and it's just as cosy. so what's in the picture? well theres;

x a vintage camera                               x a paper umbrella also bought in Hong Kong
x a vintage phone                                 x some old cds
x candles                                             x a necklace
x a painting bought in Hong Kong           x a ring
x vinyls                                                x some crystals