Jan / Feb

i was young and stupid and convinced that photography was the thing for me...
it wasn't. definitely not. but i did take some almost okay pics during the autumn/winter.


went to bali for a couple of days. saw some trees, met some monkey and ya knoow chilled.

came back to hamburg (yeah i was still living there then!) and hung out with my broos. 
1. tiziano with all his posters 2. aleks and super cool arian (haha) 3. paul
ohh and i turned 16 april 30th!


celebrated my birthday in a park with a shitload of candy and cakes.
after that i spent some days lazying around with aleks and tizii.

Jun / Jul

summer came. i went to my summer house and chilled (as usual). 
took some pics of shoes and feet.. hmm new fetish? 


went to sardinia with my sis, mom and moms friend. loads of fun and food.


all i did this month was dye a bunch of clothes and visit esplanaden every weekend.


josefin spent a lot of time in my room wearing my clothes and i spent a lot of time with
my camera photographing her.


took looads of pictures of josefin wearing some of mine and some of her clothes. 
our clothes should marry they'd make such a cute couple..

So this is pretty much what my year's been like. i know, i know there's no pictures
from december but I didn't take any pics last month. sorry.

this years been crazy i moved back to sweden and josefin and left a group of guys that
i miss every day and an american girl whom i won't meet until next summer. moving sucks balls
but i've got a bunch of new friends that are almost as crazy and cool as me, so i guess i'll be fine. 

xx t

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